Etno-Espa Intro 2024

The Etno-Espa event is presented for the twentieth time this August. To mark the anniversary year, we wanted to share glimpses from the history of the event, both in the brochure and throughout the program. The festival opens with the harmonica sensation Sväng, also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and returning to Etno-Espa for the first time since 2005. The event closes with Vilma Jää, whose incredible drive has seen her skyrocket into the public consciousness since her previous Etno-Espa appearance in 2021. Bookended by these two performances, the festival presents an interesting and diverse cross-section of contemporary folk and world music, from traditional laments to folktronica. And as we write this, we still don’t know who the very first performer will be: the special festival opener will be the winning song of the Folk Song 2050 contest organised in honour of the anniversary year!