FRI 7.8. 16:00 haapoja & illmari kollektiivi

In this ensemble’s music, multi-world soundscapes with sampled beats meet electronic folk music and rap rhymes which explore precarious contemporary urban life and the individual’s relationship with nature. The group’s musical brew is a mix of past runo singers’ vernacular and a contemporary human viewpoint, welded together by the wordsmith illmari. Mikko H. Haapoja’s compositions reflect influences from a range of diverse genres such as folk music and indie pop. Old folk instruments, the harmonium and bowed lyres breathe in fresh oxygen in the slipstream of contemporary runo singing. The collective is currently finishing their third album.

Mikko H. Haapoja – vocals, jouhikko (bowed lyre), programming
illmari – rap
Amanda Kauranne – vocals
Lukas Kristo – harmonium, piano

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