FRI 9.8. 16:00 Pauanne & Karoliina Kantelinen

Kuva: Aki Pekka Sinikoski

When the musicians of Pauanne take the Espa Stage, they are joined by dozens of voices from generations past. With their innovative use of old archival tapes, the band’s music takes its listeners on a journey where different eras merge into one another. Accompanied by a violin, a Hammond organ and acoustic and electronic percussion instruments, old Finnish cattle callers and folk singers are heard via the archival tapes. Pauanne speaks the language of folk music with a contemporary accent and bends tradition into a form that is comprehensible to people of our own time. From the depths of archives, the ensemble has unearthed a rich collection of songs and texts, spells, incantations, shepherds’ daydreams and stories of witch-hunts and folklore. In their Etno-Espa concert, Pauanne is joined by guest musicians, including vocalist Karoliina Kantelinen from Värttinä.

Kukka Lehto – violin, keyboards, archival tapes
Tero Pennanen – Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
Karoliina Kantelinen – vocals
Janne Haavisto – drums