Etno-Espa is an annual city festival that focuses on modern folk music. The festival presents what Finnish folk music and folk music made in Finland can be today.  The festival takes place in Helsinki, on Espa outdoor stage from 5th to 15th of August 2024.

Contact information // +358 40 417 81 62 // Etno-Espa Association
Please contact us preferably by email outside the festival time.


The Etno-Espa event focusing on contemporary Finnish folk music was first organized in August 2005. The idea behind the event originated from a desire to bring this highly appreciated genre of music easily accessible to all audiences. Etno-Espa wishes to introduce urban folk and world music that has been influenced by various cultures, but is rooted in Finland. The event wants also to fight against stereotypes and expand the idea of what actually is folk music.

The Etno-Espa Association was founded in the spring of 2005. The main mission of the association is to organize the Etno-Espa event. Also, through all its actions, the Etno-Espa Association wants to promote awareness and appreciation of Finnish contemporary folk music.