MON 1.8. 17:15 Värttinä

Arguably the best-known Finnish folk music ensemble, Värttinä draws deep from the Karelian and, more widely, Finno-Ugric traditions, as well as delving into two of Finland’s most important folk poem collections, the Kalevala and the Kanteletar. The ensemble’s sound has been built around their strong and energetic polyphonic singing style and further enriched by the kantele and other folk instruments, a range of more contemporary instruments and a pinch of rock and roll. Värttinä’s live performances feel like emotional tornadoes – taking us back to our roots, leaving no-one unmoved.

Susan Venhovaara
Mari Kaasinen-Paaso
Karoliina Kantelinen
Lassi Logrén
Matti Laitinen
Mikko Hassinen
Mika Venhovaara