MON 12.8. 17:15 Stensöta

Kuva: Benjamin Nordberg

Stensöta is an Ostrobothnian folk music duo with deep roots in the Finland-Swedish folk music traditions. Radiating with the joy of playing, the duo consists of Amanda Harald and Jacob Sundström, whose diverse repertoire includes everything from medieval ballads and folk songs to pelimanni music and original compositions. In spring 2023, the pair released their first single titled Svallvågor, which has enjoyed frequent radio play across Finland-Swedish radio stations. Outside of Finland, Stensöta has performed in Sweden and Estonia. Their beautiful ensemble playing was recognised in 2023 through a bronze ensemble medal awarded by the Medelpad Folk Music Association at an ensemble playing week in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Amanda Harald – violin, viola, vocals
Jacob Sundström – bouzouki, violin, guitar, vocals

This concert is presented by the SLS/Institute of Finland-Swedish Traditional Music.