MON 14.8. 16:00 Loimolan Voima

Loimolan Voima is an ensemble performing exclusively in the Karelian language, with their roots deep in the Border Karelia region. The ensemble was formed by Mika ”Miša” Saatsi and Niko ”Miikkula” Saatsi, two brothers who were born in Lieksa, Finland, but whose family originally came from Border Karelia’s Suistamo. Miša is responsible for composition and Miikkula writes their lyrics in the Karelian language. The brothers are on a mission to make the endangered Karelian language better known through music. The ensemble’s music traverses both sides of the border, drawing from tradition and looking to the future. The duo’s concerts are a unique mix of free-flowing music and Karelian-language storytelling.

Mika ”Miša” Saatsi
Niko ”Miikkula” Saatsi