MON 3.8. 16:00 Johanna Juhola Reaktori

Four top musicians, enchanting fantasia tango compositions, innovative arrangements and intuitive interaction. A bit of warm humour and an unconstrained mixture of tango, electronica, pop and folk music. Colourful visual representation. This is the recipe for the ensemble Johanna Juhola Reaktori, which is attracting rave reviews and spontaneous infatuation from audiences in Finland and abroad.

Juhola gives old perceptions about the accordion a thorough dusting off by composing, recording and frequently performing with various ensembles. Reviewers have described her as a virtuosic champion of new accordion repertoire, a world music gem, a musical superhero and an unruly tango innovator.

Johanna Juhola – accordions, compositions
Felix Zenger – live electronics, beatbox
Milla Viljamaa – harmonium, piano, vocals
Sara Puljula – double bass, vocals, beatbox

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