SAT 8.8. 15:00 Lasten lauantai: Soiva Siili Duo

The Soiva Siili Duo takes their listeners on a hedgehog’s adventure into Finnish everyday life and special occasions. Their songs invite us to taste bilberries in a fabulously big neighbourhood forest, or to splash around in backyard water puddles. The duo plays with a soft sound and their music gives wings to the sung stories. You get to sneak down to your own troll’s burrow and enjoy the music of Soiva Siili just the way you prefer: through playing, singing, playing the air whistle, or listening quietly while snuggled up with a friend. Formed in Oulu in 1995, the Soiva Siili Duo were the recipients of the 2014 Finland State Award for Children’s Culture.

Markus Lampela – vocals, whistles, harmonicas, ethnic wind instruments
Kyösti Salmijärvi – vocals, guitar

In collaboration with the Concert Centre Finland

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