SUN 9.8. 16:00 Hildá Länsman & Tuomas Norvio

Soundscapes based on improvisation and spaces between echoes and rhythms form a meeting place for Hildá’s ethereal, buzzing, growling and translucent vocal sounds and Tuomas’s dense electronics and samples. Tuomas Norvio works as a sound designer, composer, musician and producer – both on stage and in the studio. The electronic music professional currently explores the shared areas between multiple artforms.  Hildá Länsman is known from ensembles such as Gájanas, Solju and Vildá, but first and foremost as a champion for the yoik tradition, as a strong interpreter, composer, lyricist and award-winning musician. These two masters of different music styles have been creating music together since 2017.

Hildá Länsman – vocals
Tuomas Norvio – live electronics


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