THU 10.8. 21:00 Grotesk Live x Etno-Espa: Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine

Grotesk / courtyard at Ludviginkatu 10, 00130 Helsinki.
K20, free entry.

Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine plays adventure music packed with folk and jazz expressions, catchy rhythmic tapestries and cinematic soundscapes. Gathered from all different corners of Finland’s rhythm music scene and brimming with expressive energy, the group’s acclaimed musicians visibly enjoy playing together – the band’s concerts are filled with emotional charge, the sense of living in the moment, and the joy of ensemble playing. The electrifying and boisterous dance floor beats from the Middle East mix seamlessly with acoustic, brooding timbres.

lkka Arola
Topi Korhonen
Esko Grundström
Juuso Hannukainen
Okko Saastamoinen

Also performing 19:00 – 01:30:
DJ Galatic Mace, DJ Miia Laine, VJ Folded Visuals