THU 6.8. 16:00 I FÄÄLAN med Mats Granfors, Kenneth Nordman och Tom Forsman

Mats Granfors and Kenneth Nordman have their roots deep in the folk music of Ostrobothnia, and the traditional tunes of the Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia have been the biggest influence on the duo’s music. Released in late 2019, their album I fäälan features contemporary folk music, seeped in the Finland-Swedish and Ostrobothnian traditions. “I fäälan” comes from old Swedish dialect, meaning “in the footsteps” and refers to the ensemble’s wish to honour old traditions and to follow in the footsteps of old folk players. The new trio line-up introduces Tom Forsman and his melodically and rhythmically intriguing guitar playing. In addition to their original compositions, the trio plays Finland-Swedish traditional tunes in their own arrangements.

Mats Granfors – violin
Kenneth Nordman – violin, nyckelharpa
Tom Forsman – guitar

This concert is presented by the SLS/Institute of Finland-Swedish Traditional Music

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