THU 8.8. 16:00 Emmi Kuittinen – Surun synty

Kuva: Juha Olkkonen

Emmi Kuittinen is a folk musician, singer and songwriter, who specialises in music from the Karelian and Ingrian regions and traditional laments. Surun synty (The Birth of Sorrow) is the title of Kuittinen’s most recent solo album, and her concert of the same name explores the various layers of old runo songs and laments as well as songs closer to our own time. The concert poses a question: “Where was sorrow born?” Once the origin of sorrow has been found, perhaps sorrow can then slowly dissolve, or at least transform into something new. The pieces explore a range of sentiments such as remembering one’s youth, marching to the beat of sorrow, missing one’s beloved ones or seeking solace from a summer morning’s beauty.

Emmi Kuittinen – vocals
Antti Rask – vocals, ukulele, cello
Mimmi Laaksonen – wind instruments, harmonium, vocals
Kirsi Vinkki – violin, jouhikko, vocals