THU 8.8. 21:00 Grotesk Live X Etno-Espa: Frankosun And The Family

Address: Grotesk Terassi, Erottajankatu 13, 00130 Helsinki.
K20. Tickets: 10€ on, 13 € at the door.

More information:

Withing a walking distance from the Espa Stage, the terrace of Bar Grotesk plays host to the Helsinki-based Afrobeat orchestra Frankosun And The Family, whose music weaves together 70s and 80s afrobeat from Benin and Niger, influences from Afrofunk and Afro rock, echoes of Finnish folk music and rhythmic patterns from the Nago tribe in Benin. Born in Benin in the heartland of voodoo, the founder of the band Oladele Franck Koumolou leads the nine musicians whose warm live energy continually captures the hearts of their audiences. Tonight, they are joined by DJ Toimi Tytti and VJ Xana.

Oladele Franck Koumolou – vocals, percussion
Ayla Brinkmann – vocals, flute
Tiina Heikkinen – vocals
Eero Savela – trumpet
Joose Kyyrö – tenor and baritone saxophone
Ville Sirviö – guitar
Vasilis – bass
Aapo Watanen – drums
Mikko Koivisto – conga drums, shékéré

19 doors open
20-21 DJ
21-22 Live
22-1:30 DJ, VJ