TUE 13.8. 16:00 Sähköpaimen

Kuva: Marko Rantanen

Sähköpaimen’s concert at Etno-Espa serves up a concoction of electronic folk music, drawing deep from Finnish, Karelian and Ingrian music traditions as well as contemporary sounds created through live looping, electronic beats and modular synthesisers. In 2023, the ensemble released an album titled Hämärä (Twilight) on the Nordic Notes record label. Twilight moments have been important in the passing down of folk traditions – people would come together as evenings grew darker, sharing stories and folklore from one generation to another. Sähköpaimen also draws from the other meaning of twilight: that of strange folktales and peculiar sounds heard at the edges of darkness.

Amanda Kauranne – vocals, jaw harp, live looping
Eero Grundström – electronic beats
Kirsi Ojala – wind instruments, jaw harp