TUE 13.8. 17:15 Eve Crazy & Mar Yo

Kuva: Abass Sow

The music of Eve Crazy & Mar Yo represents a mix of Senegalese rap, Finno-Ugric folk music aesthetics and the tonal world of the kantele. Performing at Etno-Espa as a five-piece, the ensemble is centred around Senegalese rapper Eve Crazy, aka Awa Sané, and Rääkkylä-born kantele player and singer Mar Yo, aka Marjo Smolander. The duo’s music reflects on the universal experience of womanhood which traverses continent borders, by combining traditional music with the aesthetics of urban culture. The ensemble arrives at the Espa Stage armed with their brand-new album New Stories, released in May 2024.

Marjo Smolander –  concert kantele, carbon fibre string kantele, kirjokannel, vocals, rap
Awa Sané – rap, vocals
Karoliina Kantelinen – vocals, flutes
A-P Rissanen – drums
Ndioba Gueye – bass