TUE 4.8. 18:15 Juurakko

The earthy Juurakko presents a marriage of Finnish-language blues songs and our traditional instruments, delivered with a boisterous skiffle attitude. The kantele, harmonium, jouhikko, plankku, a range of imaginative percussion instruments and rich vocal harmonies are the cornerstones of Juurakko’s highly original sound. The ensemble’s music leads its listeners on a journey, sometimes out to deep marshlands, other times inviting them to a carefree dance on a ship’s deck, all the while joyously crossing musical genre borders and introducing bizarre stories. Juurakko is elbow deep in roots and the earth. The group’s third album Yhdeksäs talvi was released in 2019, and in 2020 they were chosen as Artists of the Year at the Ethnogala event.

Laura Kaartinen – vocals, travel harmonium, percussion
Minsku Tammela –  vocals, jouhikko, comb, Jew’s harp, percussion
Anna Wiksten – vocals, plankku, percussion
Eija Kankaanranta – kantele
Kaisa Saarikorpi – vocals, cigar box instruments, guitars, percussion

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