WED 14.8. 16:00 Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari & Melisa Yıldırım

This year’s Etno-Espa audiences are treated to a duo concert by santoor specialist Mehrnoosh Zolfagari and kamancha master Melisa Yıldırım, featuring their combined artistic experience and the richness of Persian and Anatolian music traditions. Both artists are recognised as virtuosos of their respective instruments. In their shared concert, they shine through both traditional melodies and original compositions, through improvisations and explorations of the diverse sounds and playing techniques of the two instruments. Zolfagari, who studied music in Tehran, and Yıldırım, who grew up in Istanbul, have performed together around the world and are current regulars in the Helsinki music scene.

Mehrnoosh Zolfagari – santoor, daf, daire
Melisa Yıldırım – Anatolian kamancha