WED 9.8. 16:00 Aino Peltomaa + Ensemble Gamut!

Ensemble Gamut! have developed their own unique sound by combining elements from medieval music, Finnish folk tunes, improvisations and electronic soundscapes. The ensemble’s name is a nod to the medieval music theory system gamut, created by Guido d’Arrezzo. The colour gamut describes a range of colours, and the Finnish word “kamu” and its plural “kamut” has a dual meaning: it is used as an abbreviation for folk music (“kansanmusiikki”), and as a colloquial word for friends. Having already charmed music reviewers with their debut album, Ensemble Gamut! released their second long play album RE in late 2022. The album’s centuries-old themes have a surprising relevance in our modern times.

Aino Peltomaa
Ilkka Heinonen
Juho Myllylä