The Etno-Espa event focusing on contemporary Finnish folk music was first organized in August 2005. The idea behind the event originated from a desire to bring this highly appreciated genre of music easily accessible to all audiences. Concerts take place on the Esplanade stage almost every weekday afternoon in August. Following Jazz-Espa’s July performances, audiences have the possibility to hear high-level Finnish contemporary music for two months. Etno-Espa has gathered about 17 000 visitors per year. The audience has appreciated the rare possibility to hear high-level concerts for free for almost a whole month. The theme of Etno-Espa (Ethnic Esplanade) is contemporary Finnish folk music. Etno-Espa wishes to introduce urban folk music that has been influenced by various cultures, but still maintains its Finnish roots. The event wants also to fight against stereotypes – Finnish folk music is nowadays much more than just traditional songs accompanied by accordion or kantele. The Etno-Espa Association was founded in the spring of 2005. The main mission of the association is to organize the Etno-Espa event. Also, through all its actions, the Etno-Espa Association wants to promote awareness and appreciation of Finnish contemporary folk music. In addition to the main event, in the spring of 2007 Etno-Espa Association and Finnish Jazz Federation organised in cooperation Espavision, which was supported by the Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto. Espavision was a showcase for Jazz-Espa and Etno-Espa for Eurovision guests. The Esplanade events were nominated in 2008 in Best of Helsinki Awards category Best CityBreak Highlight.